Prismacolor® DESIGN Kneaded Rubber Art Eraser 070530705317

Prismacolor® DESIGN Kneaded Rubber Art Eraser 070530705317:we obsessively test and report on thousands of items each year to recommend the best of everything. GREAT Kneaded EraserWhen i recieved the eraser it was in a quite big envelope for a small eraser lol. The envelope had an office supply title on it so maybe it was shipped from an office supply store.The product itself was wrapped in a small plastic envelope that read 'PRISMACOLOR Kneaded Eraser'. I suggest to any artist out there to use these Prismacolor kneaded erasers and NOT cheap ones like Artist Loft (it's unnecessarily sticky and leaves grey smudges on your paper). I use this eraser to lift up graphite pencil and erase small spots as it isn't hard like other types of eraser so it won't disturb the tooth of your paper- or your wallet. As the title says-you knead the eraser. Stretch it and roll it to 'clean' it. You can shape it to a point so it can erase small area or flatten it out to cover more surface area. It came in about 4 days where i am; just in the nick of time as i was working on a project! Great product, price, and seller! Would definitely recommend to any artist to have a self-cleaning, shapeable, kneaded eraser!max 87% off,colorado springs mall,nashville-davidson mallPrismacolor® DESIGN Kneaded Rubber Art Eraser 070530705317