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Area Focused

The oil and gas industry is typically divided into two main sectors - Upstream and Downstream.

The upstream sector encompasses exploration and production (E&P) of the raw material.

The downstream sector focuses on refining, processing, transporting, distributing, and marketing the oil and gas products.

Industrial and Commercial entity that owns and operates equipment and facilities for generation, transmission, distribution of electrical energy which sells generally in regulated market.

The electrical utility and power station is generating power plant, powerhouse and distribution of industrial facility for generation of electric power.

Most power stations contain a rotating machine that converts mechanical power into electrical power.

In general, there are three sectors of construction buildings, infrastructure and industrial.

Building construction is usually further divided into residential and non-residential (commercial/institutional).

Infrastructure is often called heavy/highway, heavy civil or heavy engineering. It includes large public works, dams, bridges, highways, water/wastewater and utility distribution.

Industrial includes refineries, process chemical, power generation, mills and manufacturing plants.

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) is a significant component of the construction in building, infrastructure and industrial supply chain.

MEP design is critical for design decision-making, accurate documentation, performance and cost-estimating, construction planning, managing and operating the resulting of facility management.

For developing polices standards, inspection procedures, regulating authorities and evaluation tools for MEP matters involving judicial branch facilities.

Shipbuilding is the construction of ships and other floating vessels. It normally takes place in a specialized facility known as a shipyard.

Shipyards and dockyards are places where ships are repaired and built. Dockyards are sometimes more associated with maintenance and basing activities than shipyards.

The terms are routinely used interchangeably, in part because the evolution of dockyards and shipyards has often caused them to change or merge roles of Ship build, repair and maintenance yard.

The process of converting raw materials, components, or parts into finished goods that meet a customer's expectations or specifications.

Manufacturing commonly employs a man-machine setup with division of labor in a large scale production.

The manufacturing sector is closely connected with engineering and industrial design.

Modern manufacturing industries is includes all the intermediate process required for the production and integration of product’s components.

Retail involves the process of selling consumer goods or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit.

The goal of commercial marketing is to develop a relationship between the client and the product. Demand is identified and then satisfied through a supply chain.

Commercial includes office buildings, industrial property, medical centers, hotels, malls, retail stores, farm land, multifamily housing building, warehouse and garages.

This is achieved by creating a brand identity with which the consumer can relate.

Caterers and their staffs are part of the food service in hotel and industry. When most of the people refer to a “caterer” they are referring to an event caterer.

Caterer service is serves food with waiting staffs at dining table or sets up a self service buffet, which including hotel camp services of industries.

Hospitality industry consists of broad category of field within the service industry.

pHospitality unit such as a hotel, restaurant, and other service industries consists of multiple groups such as facility maintenance and direct operations.

Facility management is the discipline concerned with the integration of processes within an organization.

To maintain and develop agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities.

Facility maintenance is defined as the activities required to keep spaces, structures, and infrastructures in proper working condition to prevent failure and degradation of organization in the industries.

The act of taking preventative or necessary medical procedure to improve a person’s well being.

This may be done with surgery, the administering of medicine, or other alterations in a person's of lifestyle.

It is concerned with the maintenance or restoration of the health of the body or mind.

These services are typically offered through a healthcare system made up of hospitals and physicians.

Information technology (IT) is the application of computers and internet to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data, or information, often in the context of a business or other enterprise.

IT is the broad subject concerned with all aspects of managing and processing information, especially within a large organization or company.

The science and technology of communication at a distance by transmission of electrical impulses, electromagnetic waves, or optical pulses, as by telephone, radio, television, or computer network. Often used in the plural with a singular.

This category includes incumbent local exchange carriers, competitive local exchange carriers, and mobile wireless communication companies etc…